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sell your message with words that impact

There is something magical and delightful about words. Words have the power to create emotions, set moods, evoke reactions, even move mountains. But what if finding the right words to use is just not your forte? Let not your heart be troubled, we can help!

Wildwood can arrange with a communications expert to help write your text.

  • Web Site Text
  • Advertisement Copy
  • Trade Journal Articles
  • Newsletters
  • Press Releases
  • Technical Communication
  • White Papers
  • and much more

white paperBoost your SEO and search ranking by offering white papers

Have you considered publishing a white paper? White Papers allow you to “soft sell” your company’s products and services by offering a solution-oriented document on an issue common to your industry. Like an article in a trade journal, the white paper naturally positions the writer - usually a company executive - as the authority without sounding like a direct advertisement. White papers have become an effective tool for lead generation and tracking. For example, white papers may be accessed via your company website after submission and confirmation of the user’s email address.

We can arrange for a professional copy writer to author your white paper.

Do you have a professional blog, but can't find the time to write all the entries? We can arrange for a aprofessional copy writer to compile those entries for you from your rough-outlined notes.

CopyCreator website

Wildwood Forest Studios highly recommends Rob Elliott. Although located in Savannah, Georgia, he handles assignments all across the country.

Rob is a University of Georgia English graduate and a current Advanced Placement literature teacher with a myriad of writing experiences, including creative non-fiction, journalism, and fiction. With the ability to help others produce a refined piece of text through teaching English and facilitating writers' workshops, Rob has mastered the process of creating words that sell.



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