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Presence on the World Wide Web is a vital resource for modern businesses. At Wildwood Forest Studios, we understand the need for many businesses to utilize this resource in order to develop a powerful marketing tool and a global advertising strategy.

However in today's economy, businesses are increasingly operating on limited budgets. Allow Wildwood Forest Studios to help streamline your business, creatively and affordably, with a web site concentrating on your needs.

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Is there a difference between web design and web development?
The answer is absolutely yes, and to understand this may mean the difference in your having a basic web site or a dynamic site capable of carrying out various functions that help run your business. A web designer creates a layout and the graphic art needed to carry out the design. A good designer is also trained in HTML and the use of tools that create HTML and can properly code the site and publish it to the Internet.

A web developer knows how to make the site "do things", for instance a shopping cart with onlinepayments, a password-protected log-in, user forums, or an interactive Blog. A good developer knows that the back end of a web site, the portion of the site that visitors do not see, can be as important as the front end and it is this edge that will put you in front of your compitition.

A good developer knows enough about marketing technique to extend the site's functionality to utilize these concepts. I can't stress enough the value of portraying your business as "all about the customer, providing for his needs and solving his problems" rather than "all about us". A good example of this concept might be the company who wants to display a photo of their fancy new office building on their homepage. If they were perhaps an architectural firm or a business selling building supplies, then this may appeal to their customers. However beautiful that office may be, the customer generally does not care and would much rather see what they came to the site to see..... your products, or something that will excite them about your products or services.

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