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Finding a style that is uniquely yours, sets you apart from your competition and identifies "who you are" is probably not a new concept to you. You do this everyday in the way you dress, the way you decorate your home and office, even the kind of car you drive, the music you listen to, the sports you play.

You will notice that there are many different styles in Wildwood's Portfolio. That is because we strongly believe that your web site should reflect YOUR style. And we believe that you select a style not because it is popular, but because it indicates who you are, what you are selling or communicating, and who the audience is that you want to reach.

"So you either blend in or stand out. In a world of essentially infinite content, being anywhere in between isn't very desirable, and in many cases might as well be invisible."

I ran across the above in Adam Singer's excellent blog about web marketing/PR strategies, The Future Buzz, in an excellent article entitled “How To Stand Out In A World Of Infinite Choice.”
Adam sums up by saying, "Blending in and being just like others is no longer an option for business or individuals. Amazingly it used to be, as is apparent when you look at how normalized much of the world is today. Our society previously praised mediocrity and went so far as to put it on a pedestal. But the world has changed. Being like others is no longer a desirable trait, and neither is having a business or running an organization that is just like everything else. The world has moved in a completely different direction. If you desire to beat impossible numbers and stand out in a world of infinite choice (it is possible), you must be the absolute sharpest option."

A Few Examples of notable styles we have incorporated into our client's projects:
(clicking on any of the screen shots below will take you to live site)
This style uses elements such as paper, clips, photos, tags, even bits of grunge and stains. It is a break-away from ordered perfection pointing to "thinking outside of the box". Tilting some of the elements gives a sense of movement to the page.
Retro/Art Deco
Elements indicative of an earlier time or era, suggesting “timeless” or “classic”. In the case of the example here, this southern California business had unique art deco metal-work at their entrance. This style lent a bit of nostalgia to the site and hinted of traditional values and honesty as well as a vacation theme which fit nicely with the RV and Boat Storage they are selling.
Nature and the Great Outdoors
Frogs and turtles in a pond, deer in a forest, insects fluttering over a garden, are not only soothing effects, but a natural backdrop for certain web site subjects.
A touch of fun and whimsy entices visitors to take part in these sites' fun merchandise and activities.
Machines and lots of testosterone..... what more can I say.
Flags, stars and Old Glory invokes a feeling near and dear to all Americans.
In this total simplification of color and form the visitor is focused solely on the content. The clients were aiming for sophistication and a contemporary feel.
A feeling of caring, a sense of need, yet hope ... all point to the subject matter of these sites.
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