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Really Simple Syndication

In a nutshell, RSS means “Real Simple Syndication.” If you see this icon rss icon in the address bar, then you will know that a site has the technology to allow you to "subscribe" and then track its updates. You can organize all the RSS feeds which you subscribe to and easily keep up with all of them. It is usually associated with blogs, where material can change daily.

You will want to have a feedreader to collect and manage your subscription list. I like the Google feedreader. It's free and easy to use.

Read on and I'll show you how to set up the
google reader
(1) Create a Google account
Go to www.google.com/accounts/NewAccount
If you already have a Google Account, you can just sign in.
(2) Sign in
Sign in to your Google account and go to www.google.com/reader
(3) Add a subscription

In the left-side menu, click on “Add Subscription”.

Now type in the URL of the site or blog that you want to subscribe to.

You will see that your new subscription has been added to the list.

(4) Or add a subscription right from a participating site

From the site you want to subscribe to, click on the RSS icon on the browser's address bar.

In the drop-down click on the proper RSS subscription.

The feed subscription screen will open. In the drop-down select "Google".

If you have not already done so, check the box next to "Always use Google to subscribe to feeds".

Click the "Subscribe Now" button.

NOTE: This step may be slightly different depending on your browser, but you get the idea.

Google might now ask you whether you want to add the feed to a Google Homepage or to your Google Reader...
select "Add to Google Reader"
(5) Managing your subscriptions

Your subscriptions are listed in the left-side menu

Looking at my list (for example) I see that the Web Designer Wall blog has 3 new articles. Clicking on that subscription name in the list will open it and I'll see the 3 new articles in the right-side column.

Google is continually adding new cool settings and features such as the one that allows you to either mark each item as read when you read it, or let Google mark them as read as you scroll through them.

You can un-subscribe by using the "Feed settings" drop down in each subscription.


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