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Capture the realestate traffic

The 2007 National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home buyers and Sellers states that, "84 % of recent home buyers used the Internet in their search, up from 80 % in 2006. Most of these buyers – 82 % – used a real estate agent to help them complete the purchase."

NAR's President stated, "We know from our research that, rather than displacing real estate professionals, the Internet is actually helping connect them with home buyers."

As a realtor you need to capture some of that traffic and turn it into a sale.

What if my broker or agency already provides a web site ?
Many Realtors choose to utilize the web services provided by their company, however, though these are streamlined powerful solutions, the contact info usually points back to a general office where many times a potential buyer is assigned to another realtor in the office if you are not there when they call.

What if a potential buyer's Google search only points to the agencies?
Let's say buyers from out-of-town search the web for market availability before they come on the buying trip. They do a Google search for "homes for sale in Atlanta" and the list usually returns the mega-company sites. They see "the perfect house" and want to call to get more info on it. They are going to phone the first name they see, possibly not the listing agent, but the name on the site where they did a MLS search.

What does Wildwood Forest Studios see as a solution for a agent working for a large agency?
How does this all relate to you as an agent? Our suggestion is to utilize that fancy web service your broker provides, but in addition have a site of your own as a portal to the broker's utility. Your portal site will be optimized to list for those key words the potential buyers are using in your area, thus allowing buyers to possibly see your name first. At the portal site they read about your expertise, customer care, and track record, and even see your listings first .... then they are invited to search the MLS listings at your broker-provided site, but are encouraged to contact YOU for info and assistance.

What does Wildwood Forest Studios see as a solution for an independent or small agency?
As an independent agency you may feel it more cost effective to have a custom designed web site rather than opt for a cookie-cutter template site from one of the real estate site services. We can design something that is uniquely "you" and optimize it to return search queries typical of your potential buyers. We can even set it up with our content management system so that you can easily edit, add, or delete listings on your own with an easy to use utility that functions much like a word processor.

What can you do to stay on top of today's trends, and a step ahead of your competition.?
Take advantage of such utilities as: mapping and satellite imaging tools, video footage, links to more information about the area and neighborhood, social networking with a blog to demonstrate your knowledge about the local market and expertise in real estate transactions. Wildwood can show you how to use these and other techniques to beat your competition.


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