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Process Methodology
An initial consultation with our project manager will be held to discuss your goals and to analyze your market. We will work together to form a market strategy based on who your customers are, and how the use of the Internet will relate to them. It is our goal that your business will recoup the dollar investment you have in your web site with increased commerce and business productivity.
After determining your needs, our project manager designs an initial plan for your web site and gives you a breakdown of the cost and production schedule. Once you agree to a plan, a legal contract is then signed to protect all parties.
A team of professionals is assembled, specifically assigned to your project based on its particular needs. The team builds the site and presents an on-line preview for your approval. At this point you may suggest any additions or modifications.
When we are satisfied that the site meets your approval, Wildwood Forest Studios will then publish the completed site on the World Wide Web where the magic of creative design together with the power of modern technology will go to work for you and your business.
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