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What will the price tag be?
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You CAN afford it

In today's market, many businesses cannot afford to not have a web site!

Wildwood Forest Studios is dedicated to delivering quality web sites that apply state-of-the-art web technology at an affordable expense. In keeping with our promise to affordability, our project team will implement strategies to keep production cost low, while creating a reliable, sophisticated, and interactive web site for your business.

Are you considering building your own site to save money?


Although each project is quoted on an individual basis, you generally can expect to pay a base price of approximately $4000 to (depending on the complexity of the project) for the following services:

  • preliminary consultation
  • home page plus numerous linked pages
  • custom art work
  • custom designed navigation bar
  • your photographs scanned for use on the site
  • use of stock photos from our subscription service
  • basic search engine optimization steps to facilitate exposure of your site with Internet searches
  • analog graphical stats from your server to help you understand, interpret, and evaluate your site's accesses.
  • cross-platform  performance on major browsers
  • on-line preview of your site during the design process to enable feedback
  • and more

The costs of all additional services will be quoted on an individual basis upon request.

Wildwood Forest Studios will not conduct business with any company or organization seeking to use the Internet for illegal, or unwholesome activities or for any subject matter which we deem morally contrary to our religious beliefs.


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