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Blue Ridge Honey Company


Bob Binnie, is a beekeeper in Lakemont, Georgia. As current President of the Georgia Beekeepers Association and a past recipient of the association's Beekeeper of the Year Award, Bob produces and sells some of the finest honey in the area. As a recognized authority on the subject he is often asked to speak at regional events and his honey extraction house is a state-of-the-art model for other beekeepers. Being much too busy managing his extensive apiary, Bob has little time to devote to internet matters, yet as a savvy businessman he realized the necessity for maintaining a web site.

Bob came to Wildwood with his long established logo and jar label, and asked us to produce a site compatible with his brand recognition and an e-store that would virtually run itself, freeing him to concentrate where he is needed most, tending his bees. We used the powerful and dynamic MIVA Merchant software to power his store. Orders can be processed quickly and easily with the user friendly admin panel. Contact us today if you would like a demo of a Miva store.

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