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Kebo Transportation Services


Kebo Transportation Services is a freight carrier based in Atlanta, Georgia and servicing 12 South-eastern states and points beyond; delivering truckload freight for several major corporations as well as brokering freight throughout the country. They wanted a web site that would not only be an eye-catching brochure for the company but one that would have dynamic features to streamline communications between them and their customers as well as their drivers.

Password protected log-in areas allow customers to request P.O.D.'s , rate quotes, and pickups. They also have access to a calendar that will show them the availability of Kebo's fleet. Kebo's staff is able to easily edit and maintain the calendar from a small bit of software on their office PC.

Their drivers have a special log in as well. They are able to read schedules, inner-office memos, and the operations manual, all which can be accessed from any internet connection even while they are "on the road".

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