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When I first began surfing the Internet, it was a colorless, drab experience. Gray pages with their almost relentless lines and lines of black text was like walking through a forest where little light found it’s way through the dense canopy. The vast trail was wild and uncharted, yet exhilarating to know that breathtaking vistas must be around the next bend.

While trekking through mountain trails I had time to reflect on my vision for this intricately woven mesh we call the World Wide Web. I imagined a World Wide Web where light met the darkness with an intensity brilliant enough to grab the eye, yet gentle enough to illumine without overshadowing the importance of the message. I wanted a Web where technology soars while color and imagery abounds.

This is the way of nature, subtle color, sights, and sounds integrate flawlessly with day-to-day functions. The honey bee finds it’s way to a blossom on it’s routine pollen-gathering mission by focusing on a splash of color that draws it’s attention. The tint of a sunset can signal changes in weather patterns without the trace of a spoken word. Tiny spring buds can sense the warmth of the sun and know when the precise time to bloom arrives. Nature’s beauty serves both form and function.

Marsha backpacking the wildernessThus I set about finding ways to bring this concept to the Internet pages I designed. Wildwood Forest Studios was born of this desire to use these key elements of nature to help enhance a business site or sell a product. Our staff will never loose sight of the reality of God’s wonderfully crafted creation.

As nature’s heart beats with a rhythm all it’s own, so will each web site we make. As the sweet call of the loon captures men’s hearts, so will our designs capture their minds. As the beat of a tiny hummingbird’s wings embody strength and purpose without intrusion, so will our sites leave an impact without crushing. Like the glory of the wind in the trees our web designs will shout to the world a clear fresh message and whisper of more to come. It is not my intention to shy away from the harsher aspect of the technical and business world, but to make it more palatable. It's like seeing the forest AND the trees.


Marsha Elliott, President


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