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understand legal issues

There is literally a plethora of new laws governing such topics as: domain names, e-mail, e-commerce, freedom of expression, privacy, and copyrighting, to name a few.

The ever-changing nature of Internet Law makes this a difficult subject to cover in this small space. And yet it is a topic too important to ignore. Wildwood Forest Studios can’t stress enough the significance of understanding legal issues as they pertain to your web site and the consequences of disregarding them.



We make no claim to be experts in legal matters. Although we will make every effort to advise you of any problem areas we see during your site development, we highly recommend that you consult a qualified attorney on any issues that are questionable and make all efforts to act within the bounds of the law.

A good resource on Technical Law
An excellent list of the site owner's major concerns can be found at: bitlaw.com

Some concerns you will want to be aware of are:

  • Copyright Law: are you infringing on anyone’s intellectual property rights or trademarks?

  • Privacy rights: what responsibilities does a web site have in maintaining the privacy of individuals, especially children?

  • Free speech: what material is considered to be within your rights to publish and what oversteps the boundaries and becomes inappropriate material?

  • Spam: recognizing the difference between junk mail and opt-in mailing lists.

  • Contract law: how do contracts work in cyberspace, is an e-signature legal, do you need any disclaimers?

  • E-commerce: what is your legal responsibility for collecting sales tax, are you carrying out the expectations of your customers who place orders and are you fully protecting their vital information through a secure server?

May we suggest:

Douglas M. Isenberg’s GigaLaw.com® is an excellent reference on Cyber law.

Doug is an attorney, author, legal commentator and adjunct law professor. He is a regular contributor to CNN Headline News and a frequent writer about technology and the law, including columns that have been published by The Wall Street Journal Online, CNET News.com and Internet World magazine. He wrote a special report on copyright law and the Internet for the 2002 edition of the World Book Year Book.

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