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Positioning your site in the top 10 sites listed for the key words you know your viewers are using to search for a site like yours, will insure people finding your site. However there are other ways to promote visits.

You will need to consider all the ways that"brick & mortar" stores are advertised. You would not open a store in the middle of a vast unexplored forest and expect visitors to just show up. Rather you would erect a billboard on the main highway to direct traffic to your store, advertise on TV, radio and in magazines and newsletters. So it is with web sites. You cannot expect the traffic without some sort of advertisement. It is good to also note that most advertising does not immediately generate results on a large scale, but rather helps to build customers over time.

One excellent way to build that "billboard" for your site is through the search engines. "Search engine submission" refers to the act of getting your web site listed with search engines. Another term for this is search engine registration. Note that getting listed does not mean that you will necessarily rank well for particular terms, however. It simply means that the search engine knows your pages exist.

Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to the act of altering your site so that it may rank well for particular terms. Terms such as search engine placement, search engine positioning and search engine ranking refer to a site actually doing well for particular terms or for a range of terms at search engines. This is the ultimate goal for many people -- to get that "top ten" ranking for a particular keyword or search terms.

Terms such as search engine marketing or search engine promotion refer to the overall process of marketing a site on search engines. This includes submission, optimization, managing paid listings and more. These terms also highlight the fact that doing well with search engines is not just about submitting right, optimizing well or getting a good rank for a particular term. It's about the overall job of improving how your site interacts with search engines, so that the audience you seek can find you.
For more info straight from the Pros, see www.searchenginewatch.com

The rapidly changing, and highly technical nature of Search Engine Placement makes it an industry all it's own. In the early days of the Internet, simply registering a site with a search engine with a free registration meant a listing. And sites with relevant content and good design quickly went to the top of the list. As the Search Engines found that they had a marketable service, they began taking advantage of this market to make a profit, thus greatly complicating the registration process. As unscrupulous site owners found ways to trick or scam the Search Engines, the engines responded with more and more complicated algorithms to define their ranking, thus making the optimization process more and more complicated for site designers.

Wildwood Forest Studios strives to optimize your web pages as a means of ensuring that it is accessible to search engines and focused in ways that help improve the chances it will be found. We do not try to trick the search engine, but rather we use techniques in the site design that will help the engines realize that your site has information vital or interesting to the Internet community. We use the latest basic techniques that are available to the design community as a whole (this is not to say that we are privilege to all the techniques known to the firms specializing in this field). We submit the site once to major Search Engines using their free submission service. This may not "insure" you of the placement you will want and further strategy may be needed; in which case, Wildwood Forest Studios can arrange for a SEO Specialist to work with you.

What are those "SEO Basics" that Wildwood builds into your site and how can you monitor your rankings?

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