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Have you received a notice in the mail from Domain Registry of America informing you that it's time to renew your domain registration?

Though it looks like an official invoice, beware! They try to make you think that if you do not pay you will lose your domain name. It is an attempt to trick you into moving your domain registration resulting in exorbitant rates and no after-sale service.

Wikipedia calls it “domain slamming”.

The FTC has issued injunctions against them, and posted a consumer alert.

PC Magazine writes an article about them.

There is a similar Chinese scam affecting our friends in Europe. Christopher Hofman Laursen of European Domain Centre warns about it here. He even has a helpful list of the many names the scammers use.

scam letter scam sharkDomain-name-scams.org tells us that: "many domain-scams exist and these scam-merchants will prey on 3 key points...
  1. Panic
  2. Lack of knowledge about the internet
  3. Protecting your company image / presence

It is extremely important that you do not purchase a domain-name or pay any money to these companies."

NOTE: You may see mentioned that Domain Registry of America is affiliated with Enom.  This was alarming to us as Enom is the registrar that Wildwood uses for our domain registrations. But be assured that when, several years ago,  Enom discovered the scam, they cancelled Domain Registry of America’s reseller account and no longer has any affiliation with them.


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